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10th Anniversary Solistice Party & Paddle


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We've received conflicting info on the date of the 10th Anniversary Solistice Party & Paddle. The Summer Solistice on June 21. We received an email that NSPN's Founding Father, Bob Burnett is going to be here to celebrate the 10th Anniversary and that the date is the 21st. The website says the 22nd ?????

Or is this just a ploy to be sure Mr Bob actually arrives on time?

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The date of the NSPN Solistice Party is Sunday the 22nd. We made it Sunday to not confict with the Peaks Island Race being held on the 21st.

That's how we did it last year, too.

I believe traditionally it fell on the actual solistice, we do try to hold the event as close as possible to that date.

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I just realized something. Another reason why there may be some confusion is that our calendar program is displaying both saturday and sunday on the right... rather than Sunday on the left... So it may be visually looking as if it falls on saturday if you don't read the day at the top of the column!!! :computerFight:

Let me confirm again: the solistice paddle and party falls on SUNDAY JUNE 22ND.

:roll: Just think: "Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!"

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