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New Spray Skirt


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My daughter and I went to the Reading pool session today - great time - thank you!

Brenai tried out and worked with Rick in her new Orca. We had a really REALLY hard time finding a neoprene skirt for the boat and eventually got a Snap Dragon L hole. The XL was definitely too large. Out of all the skirts (probably we tried about 20 on the boat), this was the closest fit. Ends up, the L is supposedly the right size anyway, but the L did vary a bit between different snap dragons.

So, this skirt is >>>WAY TIGHT<<<. I don't mean newbie "boy this dry suit neck gasket doesn't feel comfortable" tight - I mean honest to god, super duper, mega, "break a finger bone getting it on" tight. For about 3 WEEKS before tonight's session, it has been stretching on the boat. Quite frankly, it's too tight to be practical for a strong person, let alone a 12 year old.

So, I have this skirt sitting in the garage stretching even more on a 6ft by ~3ft cross; it took Brenda and I contorting in all these weird positions to get it on the cross. Hopefully this extra stretching will help.

If this doesn't work, I'm dabbling with the sinfull idea of taking a razor blade and trying to cut some of the elastics in the bungie of the skirt rim to take out some of the tension. I know this is not preferable but given the awkwardness of the fit and having gone through a gillion skirts to get one even close, I am not sure what else I can do other than custom order one.

Has anyone conquered this problem? If so, please share.


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I whine and groan every time I put on my sprayskirt, and with a larger keyhole cockpit, I would be really having a hard time. I find it is easier to get mine on if I soak it a bit in the water before I put it on.

Would a nylon skirt be a better option for her at this stage? Much safer for getting out of the boat and easier to re-attach on re-entry.

I had a custom neoprene skirt made for my Sea Breeze by Whetstone, but unfortuneately they are no longer in business. Brooks would make a custom skirt, I'm sure. At this point, though, I think I would go with a nylon skirt.

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Guest guest

Mountain Surf makes custom neo skirts for about the same money as a decent standard skirt. I ordered one on line and they called me and asked me to measure the cockpit to make sure they got it right.

They got it right.


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