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I am someone with wide feet who has trouble getting shoes to fit. I tried a couple pairs of booties and found that they just don't fit, after a few minutes my feet start to ache. Since I don't have trouble keeping my feet warm I am sold on water shoes or sandals. As the likelihood of scrambling on rocks has developed I have migrated to the shoes. When realize how much more peaceful it is in cold weather and how cool it is to paddle in the snow you may need another set of footgear to go with your dry suit. I have a pair for warmer weather that are 1-1/2 sizes smaller due to the latex socks in my dry suit.

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I am in the same "boat" as Bob with wide foot deformity. I can't wait to get out of my Chotas - I hate the bulk.

I have found that the Teva Protons are an excellent water shoe; very lightweight like a sandal but a firm fit if you have to go swimming. They are also CHEAP - new around 30 bucks, but many places sell them at around 15 bucks. I believe Kittery Trading Post was clearing their supply out last year at around 15.


"Would a knife help protect you against a ‘curious’ shark? I don’t know but I would like the option." - Trevor Gardner

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