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Greenland Instruction with Cheri & Turner

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Hi All -

Just a reminder that the Greenland class is upcoming next month on June 14th. NPSN is bringing the class to you so you don't have to travel far to a symposium for the experience. (It's good to save on gas these days and be kinder to the environment!). There's room left in both the morning and afternoon sessions. Please check out the events calendar here: http://www.nspn.org/forum/index.php?act=ca...mp;event_id=629

You don't need to have any prior Greenland skills - this is open to all abilities and you don't need to have a roll either! Cheri and Turner are wonderful instructors and their wealth of traditional kayaking knowledge really adds to the experience. Their philosophy is that bracing and rolling are not an advance skill set only for imtermediates and above. But a basic skill set that provides the recreational paddler with a fundamental and useful set of skills that develop body and boat awareness.

Here's an except from Jennifer Pivovar's website (http://www.jpivovar.net/Gallery/GW06main.htm) who was a student of Cheri & Turner's down in Sweetwater:

"The second day I had a morning of one-on-one rolling lessions with Cheri Perry. Cheri is not only one of the best kayak rollers anywhere, she is a teacher of the highest ability. There is no nuance of any roll that escapes Cheri, and she is able to communicate that understanding in words -- and with a little poke here and there as necessary. I also think she has x-ray vision, as she knows exactly what you are doing under water, even when you don't! Within minutes (no, really) I had a balance brace, side scull, standard roll, and crook-of-elbow roll. On both sides. We tried butterfly and stick rolls, without total success, but hey not bad for a first timer. Later that same day I had another one-on-one rolling session, this time with Greg Stamer. It is really interesting to get another's perspective. Greg reinforced my "portfolio" and then had me doing shotgun (armpit) rolls. What a day!"

So if you're interested in the class, please contact me at fatcat@metrocast.net

Peace & Cheers,


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