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NNE Spring Surf Expression Session

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is coming up soon. The idea of the surf session is to bring together new and experienced surf kayakers and those interested in trying surf kayaking for day of wave riding, with opportunities to learn, try each other's boats, meet other surf yakkers and simply to have fun.

The spring surf session will be held at Long Beach at Nahant, MA on a weekend day sometime in April or May. The availability of waves will dictate the exact date of the session. We will notify folks by email a couple of days before the session. Nahant is good choice because the waves tend to be of the spilling variety (good for beginners and novices), the availability of ample parking, and a long beach break that affords room for plenty of surfers.

This first spring surf session will function more as a "sho&go." As such, folks will be responsible for themselves, having the appropriate immersion gear, helmet and other safety gear. However, we will encourage folks to surf in pairs, to volunteer time as spotters on the beach and safety boaters beyond the break zone.

If you're interested in attending the session to participate, watch and/or help out, please sign up here:


Again, confirmation of a surf session will have to be done in very tight time frame to take advantage of available waves. We 'll send notification through a group email to those registered on the site.


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