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Mystic Lake Cleanup -- Next Saturday, April 24


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Join NSPNers in cleaning up the shoreline of Upper Mystic Lake in Medford, where we hold popular practice sessions in the summer.

Meet at 9:00 AM at the MDC boat ramp, on the east side of the lake, off Mystic Valley Parkway, between between Upper and Lower Mystic Lake. We'll finish up by lunch. Coffee and dounuts served.

Bring work gloves and some eye protection for working in the brush.

The weather's looking decent, but not so spectacular that you absolutely have to be out paddling all day ;-))) We'll definitely paddle after lunch, however.

Driving directions:

From 93 take exit 32, go west on Route 60, stay on Route 60 through Medford and West Medford, until the first small rotary, go right from the rotary up Mystic Valley parkway.

From Route 2, take exit 59, turn northeast onto Route 60, stay on Route 60 through Arlington, through two small rotaries at the foot of the Lake, and then left from the second rotary up Mystic Valley Parkway.

In either case, go 0.7 miles up the lake and look for the Medford Boat Club sign on the left.

Bring your boat and lunch, and afterwards we'll take a paddle on the Lakes and down the river.

More information: djlewis aht triadic daht cahm

Here are maps of the area right around the lake and major routes to get there.



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Guest guest

We had a lot of fun doing this last year....and made a SIGNIFICANT impact on the cleanliness of the shoreline. Please come on out that day and have some fun with us!

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I second what Cathy and David have said here.

Participating in this last year not only was fun, but quite educational from an awareness standpoint. This year, the whole family is doing it! I think the 6 and 12 year old will gain a valuable up close and personal appreciation for their environment.

I hope this year more of us make the time and show up for the good cause and the fun!

Plus, they bring like a silo of donuts!! (I am just now coming down from last year)



"Would a knife help protect you against a ‘curious’ shark? I don’t know but I would like the option." - Trevor Gardner

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Guest guest

Well...I did NOT do this last year, but Marc had a great time last and heck - I sure like to help out a good cause. So we will be joining in as well!


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