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WFA H20 - More med kit stuff...


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Todd and Ryan if you're watching... you guys were fantastic!

I figured after finishing the course that I ought to audit my own first aid kit to check expiration dates on stuff if applicable (I'm good for this year's big trip... come September I'll have to start thinking about replacing a few things). Anyhow... I'm good to go but I found a few other things in my kit which I didn't think of earlier today that are "nice to haves" if you have the room.

Pair of decent tweezers (good for picking off the remaining tentacles of a jellyfish if someone gets stung)

Standard shaving razor.

Chemical ice packs.

"Bite Relief" - I've found for me this works really well to relieve the itching from 'skeeter bites. It's actually just 3.5% ammonia (might be useful for treating jellyfish stings as well)?

Cheers, Joe

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Also... thanks to Kevin and anyone else not mentioned for arranging this.

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