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The Bombproof Roll and Beyond

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I have three videos which are really good. I'll extend the same offer as I did Bethany to borrow any, if you want:

1) "Grace Under Pressure" (VHS) - EXTREMELY mega-goofy, but excellent at documenting the the C-to-C roll. Recommended to me 2 years ago at Maine Outfitters. This is REALLY good.

2) "First Roll" (VHS) - Not quite as goofy as "Grace", but still way up there goofy-wise. Excellent documentation on the extended paddle roll.

Why are all the good ones so corny? Beats me!

3) "The Kayak Roll" (DVD) - Still a new one for me - haven't sat all the way through it in detail. I think it talks about the sweep or screw roll, but seems to have good analysis on cause-effect mistakes.


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I have the book and haven't used it in a long time. I find it easier to get rolling help from videos than from books, but it depends on how you learn.

Of the videos mentioned I've seen Grace Under Pressure a number of times and I own a copy of the Kayak Roll. Both are excellent. The first teaches the C to C which most find easier to execute in a white water boat than a sea kayak (particularly one that is heavily loaded), but it certainly can be done in either. Most sea kayak instructors now teach some form of a sweep roll which is the subject of the Kayak Roll. I think this video breaks it down very well. I also like the way it talks about what you are doing with the legs "the rolling knee." I've not seen First Rolls, it may also be good.

There are many more ways to do a roll so having lots of examples is a good thing.


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