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Anybody interested in receiving tiny pine trees to plant?


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My company in its infinite wisdom to promote "going green" had a promotional give-a-way of various corporate schwag, including small pine trees ready to be planted. Of course there are tons of left overs, and while I'm sending them out as quickly as possible for people to plant, I'm concerned that these little pine trees aren't going to last long in there nicely printed PLASTIC bags!! Does anyone have room on their land for a bunch of these, or know of a conservationist group that would be able to take a number of these small trees soon, to get them in the ground? If so please contact me directly at gilliankirstel2003@yahoo.com - I don't want to muck up the board too much with this but if you know of anyone who would take them let me know and I'll find a way to get them to you. Thank you!!!

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Aside from the plastic bag, Can I have milk with that? To quote (badly) Eulle Gibbons (probably spelled badly) "Did you know some parts of a pine tree are edible??" :D


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Is there a cost involved? I have a good amount of space to plant them here in NH. Will they last through the winter months. Can you store them as is until spring? Doug@NEBM.net

Hey there Doug, so sorry I just sent off the last tree last week . . . I ended up giving a number of them to Bill and then the rest are going to the parks department in Lowell - thank you for replying!

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