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The Value of Pool Sessions


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This past weekend, one of our newest members got her first unassisted rolls at a pool session. She worked most of the summer building skills to help her get to that first roll. Without pool sessions, she would have had to likely wait to spring to continue her pursuit of a roll. Pools sessions have allowed her to continue building the skill sets without interruption.

Maybe it's just my perception, but I think a lot of the newer members of the club are timid about coming to the pools sessions, thinking they are for the more advanced paddlers. Nothing could be further from the truth! Yes, many of the advanced paddlers come to the pool sessions....but most of them relish having a newer paddler in the pool with them. It gives them a chance to pass on some of the skills they've acquired through years of paddling.

For a new paddler, pool sessions offer probably the best monetary value in all of kayaking. Two hours of pool time for a nominal fee and FREE, high quality coaching from the more experienced paddlers.

Pool sessions are not just for those who want to learn to roll or practice a roll. The pool sessions are a great place to solidify strong bracing and edge control, or work on self and assisted rescues, all in warm, shallow water and with the safety of a group. A few pool sessions suring winter can make your summer paddling so much more enjoyable, as you'll have the confidence of new and stronger skills.

I would highly encourage our newer members to take advantage of the pool sessions. It's a great way to meet club members, find new paddling partners and build your kayaking skills sets.

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