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Proposed access stairs

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I guess this is more for canoers but we're all paddlers. I'm an ex NSP-er (I let it lapse, yeah I know, but the check is in the mail) and I work for a state agency in New Hampshire. I just had the opportunity to veiw a plan set from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACOE) to install an access point to the Pemigewassett River in Bristol NH. It involves about 53 feet of stairway 6 feet wide down a steep river bank with a 28 degree bend in the stairway about half way down. The problem is I don't think the designer has ever carried a canoe or kayak anywhere. The stairs are normal spaced stairs down a 24% slope. Although I can't make them design it differently I can "stongly suggest" a different design that would work. Does anybody have any designs, observations, or experience that I can pass on to get a useful design out of the USACOE. I don't think anybody, canoeist or kayak could carry a boat solo down the current design and I need some ideas to give them before I just tell them their design needs improvement.

Dale Keirstead

DES Wetlands Bureau

State of NH


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