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UPDATE: Frost-biters Paddle Portsmouth 3/6

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The Champlain Kayak Club Frost-biters are coming down to paddle with NSPN this coming weekend. We are putting in at Pierce's Island, Portsmouth at 10AM on Saturday. Dottie Hogan has graciously offered to cater a PPPO at Gerry Smith's house, which is half a mile from the put-in. We need a headcount for Dottie, so if you are planning to paddle with us AND want to eat Dottie's fine cuisine afterward, please let us know you are coming along. There will likely be a trip on Sunday as well, possibly out of Gloucester.

Original thread: http://www.nspn.org/htdocs/dcforum/DCForumID3/850.html

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Guest guest

I also will be there,

Jim B

"Kayaking is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving

safely in a pretty and well preserved boat, but rather to skid in

broad-side, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly

proclaiming --

WOW-- What a Ride!!!"

P & H Orion

Yellow over White


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Hi Guys:

O.K. here's what's on the menu for the PPPO. First, Gerry and his wife have graciously offered to host all you "wet, smelly" paddlers(his words...not mine! I prefer "damp, fragrant") at his house. It's very close to the put-in, therefore, convenient. I think the group is established now and the number just fit.

I will be making a huge pot of homemade Minestrone soup (which should accomodate our veggie paddlers too) plus fresh breads and sandwich meats. Suz is making a sinful dessert to which I say, Vive le carbs!

The Vermonters who want to hit the road quickly are invited to eat and run as we will not be offended. We are quite happy to see you in a comfy food coma on the way home.

There you have it. The Friday night pre-ppo as first suggested by Mark got to be logistically difficult due to late Vermonter arrivals and with deference to Gerry's wife who is hosting too! Gerry's getting pizza...

See you all Saturday. The food will be hot and ready when you get out of the water. I shall have polished off my thermos of Margaritas to put me in a cheerful, welcome mood? Hey, it's important to get vitamin C and Margaritas have lotsa lime. You'll never see me with scurvy or a cold!



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OK Dottie, but just remember the soup kettle goes on the stove, the blender goes in the freezer - not the other way around.

What with the drizzle and slight wind projected, it will be a welcome treat to have hot soup waiting.


PS - I have always liked NOAA's experimental site... so far they aren't predicting much in the way of rain - 0.08 of an inch. Hardly anything. It also shows the winds picking up but not until about 4 pm.


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Just so we don't put-in without anyone, here is the list of who has responded for this trip tomorrow:


Jim Brayden

Rick Crangle

Buddy Hogan

Jed Luby

Brian Nystrom

Suzanne Pritchett

Paula Riegel

Linda Shelburne

Gerry Smith

Mark Stephens


Joe Brzoza

Bryan Lewis

Jonathan Long

Glen Michaels

Dave Miskell

Tom Lamson (possible)

Directions to Pierce's Island Put-in: Get off Rt. 95 at exit 7 and follow the signs to Strawberry Bank. The turn for Pierce Island is just past the gardens on the left side of Marcy St. There's a small sign marking it.

Let's try to be ready to launch by 10AM.

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