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Thank you all for the suggestions posted in response to my request for feedback. In return, I offer the results of my research so far. As Liz mentioned the Ravenspring suits, with the exchange rate, are now more expensive. The company was for me, as for all of you, very helpful. They continue to offer the same discount to club members that you all got last fall and they are in R&D as a result of my inquiry to improve their socks using their breathable fabric. With these advantages, they may return to being a cost effective choice if the dollar ever goes back up. They certainly seem to be the only ones able to fit many of us with different shapes.

Given the concern voiced by some regarding the 2-ply Ravenspring fabric, I looked at the 3 ply Gore-tex models. It turns out that Stohlquist has stopped producing their suits in Gore-tex. For those of you interested, they have some left over gore-tex suits available. I could not order one because I don't fit typical sizes and needed to try suits on. None were in stock locally. I did find a Kokatat size that fit fairly well and now hope that I can find one on sale at close to the prices for a Ravenspring suit. It seems some vendors are letting their stock go now as the season ends. If the price ends up being close, I think I will go gore-tex to be sure. Thanks again everyone!

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They are going to a less expensive breathable fabric. I did not recognize the brand they mentioned but that doesn't mean much. I am not familiar with all the products out there these days. Call 800-535-3565 for info from their support line or to order exisitng stock.

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