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Important Membership Info - Please Read


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NSPN has a new way to join the club!

All new or renewed memberships will now be done online. This will greatly simplify the membership process. It only takes a few minutes, just follow the directions below and you're a member. No waiting for ACA cards to come in the mail (in fact, NSPN won't be sending anything regarding membership status in the mail). Your status (or "Group") on the Message Board as a Paid Member is your proof of membership (this may take a few days.) Please keep the receipt you receive from Paypal, just in case.

Benefits of membership

1. You'll be able to attend all NSPN activities like:

Pool sessions


Professional instruction

(Note: you must be a member to attend any of these NSPN activities.)

2. Paid members will enjoy more in depth access to certain website features than non-paid message forum guests. Such as:<ul><li>Can initiate SNGs and NSPN CAM Trips on the Trips forum and post them on the calendar.

Can view member profiles and member list.

Can email and private message other members.

Can view and post to the NSPN Business Forum.

Can post photos to the Photo Gallery.

Can create Blogs.

Can post to the Calendar.

Can create Polls.

3. You'll be supporting a great club that has brought many paddlers together over the years and will continue to do so. This website is made possible by membership dollars (and our awesome web committee!)


All memberships are for one full year (If you sign up in February, your membership is good till the following February.) Annual Dues are $15 Individual or $25 Family. Family memberships are defined as two adults and children under 18 living at the same address. Please note that children under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a guardian to participate in NSPN members-only events.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me at: Chris@nspn.org

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