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Thanks Mom and Dad

bob budd

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I have a relatively old HX150S radio. It is too large and otherwise not waterproof so mostly lives in a hatch or bagged on the deck. When the bag failed the radio was dried out and was able to transmit but there was no audible audio from the receiver. Vertex (Yaesu) was very good about providing first a operator's manual and later a schematic even though this was once someone else's (Michael Brokenshire?), not in production any more, and the parts expected to be no longer available. The operators manual led me to the screws behind the logo insert that freed the inner assembly. There was visible water damage and one of the pads on the PWB had been completely consumed, something seen often in instances of water damage. Also, the affected components had been stripped of the plating compounds that allowed solder to flow on their terminals. Once the parts were replaced (~$10 with shipping from Mouser) and a wire was added to replace the missing pad, the radio worked well. Nice to have that microscope at work, especially as the half century approaches.

Never did get back to "choo choo Charlie".

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