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Christmas Party a big success!

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It was a wintry night and Friday night as well, but the turn out for the party was great. Once again great food, great people and great fun symbolized the NSPN Christmas Party. From the trivia contests, to the award presentations to the raffles, everyone seemed to have a great time. Very special thanks to Heidi and Suwin for arriving VERY early to set everything up. Special thanks to Gillian for putting together the trivia contest and the slideshow. Also, many thanks to Brian, Ernie and Doug for all of there help with the last minute items in setting up the party. :drinkinBuddies:

A big thanks also goes out to Greg at Kayak Waveology, Sara at Kittery Trading Post and Suz at Kokotat for their generous donations of the raffle prizes.

Congratulations to Bill Gwynn and Jason Kates for winning the Founders Award, Gillian Beckwith for winning the Traverso Award and Cathy Foley for winning the Paddler of the Year Award.

Most of all, thanks as always to the members of NSPN who always make the party great fun. I'm sure pictures will find their way here soon:)

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Thanks Kevin, for your help as well!!! Special thanks also goes out to Bob Burnett and John Huth for contributing some challenging questions to the trivia game! ...And everybody that pitched in to clean up afterwards!

I'll post pics soon! :)

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The food was amazing too so thank you to everyone who brought something. Peter thank you for the amazing scotch!!!! :)

Deb can I have your recipe for the dish you brought? It's one of my favorites!

For those of you who didn't make it you missed some awesome prizes none of which I won I'm sorry to say despite snagging Suz's raffel ticket - I guess that was bad karma :)

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