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Oh no! It's a...?


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Yes, I was pretty bumed to learn of the motorized kayaks a while back . Sad to see it was a kayaker who came up with it.

Just another jet ski...more motorized stuff to be dodging when your on the water.

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Of course the boat in the Top Gear programme was a proper white-water kayak (I saw it on tv and thought it a fun contest); but surely this world does not need yet <more> motorised toys? Oy...

For my part, there is no way I shall ever call one of those ugly contraptions a "kayak"; but then I am a snob where aesthetics are concerned -- as one of my mentors used to sign his emails: "Life's too short to own an ugly boat!"

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Kayaking is like sailing.. If you are in a hurry then they are both the wrong vehicles.

Get a power boat. (damn I hated to say that)

But for people who think the journey is more important than the destination, slow is the only way to go.

I think another sport may be better if taken slow.


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