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Ravenspring Drysuits

M Williams

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How do you all like your new Ravernspring Drysuits? I could not join the group order, but now I might be interested in buying one. Any advice would be great! For those of you who have owned this brand for awhile, how does the fabric hold up? Did most of you buy the basic model or did you get the more expensive style with the gasket cover and the belt? Finally there is the question of latex socks or ankle gaskets. I like the gore-tex socks on the Kokatat suit. It turns out that Ravenspring can do this as well, but they do not recommend these socks for fit and repair reasons. Any thoughts from your experiences? Thanks for the help.

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All the dry suits ordered through Ravenspring were the Rapide, with front zip and latex booties. If goretex were an option at the time, I would have gotten them. Not that I have ever used them but they feel sturdier than the latex. I am always so fearful that I will puncture my latex socks taking it on and off. Replacing latex socks/gaskets can be done by yourself, I assume that goretex socks must need to go back to the factory.

Ravenspring was great to deal with, no problems with ordering, delivery was on time and accurate. No one has reported any problems with the drysuits that were purchased this fall. There were reports from two people who had them from prior years that they had spots that delaminated. Ravenspring replaced their suits.

Time will tell how they stand up to wear and tear... I really like that they are custom made - so if you have slightly irregular proportions.. ie long arms, short torso or big bottom :), these are the suits to get!

Kokatat is tops for a reason... but these make a great "starter suit" gets you in the water longer, earlier and later... (OK all the time if the temps are above 20 and I'm not skiing...)

I have heard tales of people abusing their dry suits... you know, not:

-rinsing them off inside and out after each wearing

-air drying thoroughly before putting them away

-lubricating the zipper w/ zipper wax (storing unzipped as directed)

-using 303 on all the gaskets (I do when I put it away, each time)

So maybe some will last longer than others.


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There are only two features in the Kokatats that I feel I might be missing in the Ravenspring: the Goretex socks and the sprayskirt tunnel (Meridian only). Given the price difference, the Ravenspring was an easy choice. I particularly like the internal braces (suspenders) which allow me to put the suit half on before I leave the house and strip halfway down during breaks if I am warm. The two pockets are another wonderful detail.


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>There were reports from two people who had them

>from prior years that they had spots that delaminated.

>Ravenspring replaced their suits.


Maybe I was one of these reports.

I sent my suit back after it delaminated after one Winter's (intense) use. Yes, I looked after the suit. The "spots" were large and across the back, in the sleeves and on the chest. They sent a replacement, but I had to wait longer than promised (apparently they're usually prompt).

They also said delamination was unheard of in their suits. It isn't, they're gaining a reputation for it. They did seem very concerned about the problem, so maybe they're doing/have done something about it.

It's a good suit, after-sales was fair, but I still wish I'd bought a Kokatat.

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I love mine for the custom fit, which I needed, and features Dee mentioned.

If you are comparing prices you will find that the change in the exchange rate (major decline in the dollar) has eroded the price advantage Ravenspring once provided. Be sure to do those calculations before you order.

The new NRS catalogue advertises their new "extreme" drysuit for $450. Apparently a relief zipper and booties are not an option, yet.

"White" (I think) is another brand that is available at New England Small Craft.

Kokatat makes a great product but I'm glad they are getting some price competition.

Liz N.

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