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Gel-coat repair


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Anybody know someone who does significant gel-coat repair and refinishing? I've got a sizeable break and some smaller ones -- all taped over for now -- and could also use a good refinishing all around. I haven't the skill or place to do it myself.

There was a message some time back from someone who does this, but I fear it's gone with the archives to that great byte bucket in the sky. Joel at NESC might do it, but he's out of town right now, and I don't know for sure he'd take me on.

Thanks. --David.

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My Brother had some work done by Strazkayaks. One sizeable repair that had damage down to the kevlar. Also had them do a complete refinish (Buffing) while they were at it.

I believe he charged $100.00, and did a great job.


P&H Capella...All White

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David, you can also give Roger Crawford a yell at www.melonseed.com. He is in Marshfield and does all the gel-coat work for folks on the South Shore. He is an avid kayak enthusiast and basically works on kayaks as a side line from his main business which is the Melonseed Skiff. I understand his rates are very reasonable.


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