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Surf Sho&Go Today

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I'll be at Nahant, around 9 AM, to see what's coming in. Boston Buoy is showing 7' waves early this morning. Not sure of direction and how clean they will be when they get in. Figure I'll drag the Boogie surf yak and get some more time in her if I can.

Cold, cold water. Goes without saying.... know what you're getting into if you show and decide to play in liquid ice. :)

I'll be on the Lynn side, by the old MDC bathhouse that is located at the beginning of the Causeway. Free parking on either side of it.

Aloha! (as if that's gonna warm things up! :D )


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(Adding on to previous post since I can't seem to start a new thread...)

Chris Thomas and I are in the beginning stages of planning a New England Spring Surf Session. We formed a Yahoo group to facilitate the planning of the upcoming session to be held on a weekend day, sometime between April and May, the timely appearance of waves permitting.

The NEsurfsession group will be used to facilitate planning of the event among those interested in helping and participating in the spring session. Chris also thinks it would be a good idea -- I agree -- to also use the group as bulletin board for posting surf sho&go's.

We invite you to join the group if you are interested in surf kayaking and want to be involved in the Spring Session and any sho&go between now and then. As a member, you may post on the board for all members to read. You will not receive any emails of bulletin board discussions. However, special notices deemed important/relevant to the group may make it to your email box every so often.

Here's the site:


Look forward to your participation in the group and surfing with you in the future. :)


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