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NSPN Calendar Problems?

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David you should be able to post a new message now.

Cathy are you running any software that blocks pop up ads? I think the event pop up windows from our calendar also use java script, just like those annoying pop up ads that we all love. So I suspect if you disable java or run some software to block ads you might be blocking our calendar too.

Hopefully someone who is is more web savy than I will chime in and confirm this, or tell me that I don't have a clue.

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You are correct, it is javascript that opens the window. Popup blocking software should not stop this from popping up though. The difference is that you are actually clicking to ask this new window to open instead of it opening automatically without interaction. I would check your settings in your browser to see if javascript is enabled, and if you do have pop-up blocking software check the settings on it to see if that is causing your problem.


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