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Interesting Data on Kayak Speed


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Now, if they would only review a boat I've actually owned... :-(

I'm quite surprized to see that a hard chine design came out on top in the 4-5 knot ranking, followed by a bunch of rounded hulls that I would have expected to have less drag. Then again, it's a 19' boat with a waterline over 17'. It makes me wonder how the Betsie Bay boats would rank.

Yikes! I just checked the price of a Hawk. $5200!

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Yeah, many of the more esoteric boats have escaped reviews by SK :-)

Anyway, if you have some time on your hands, Matt Broze's spreadsheet that calculates all this stuff is available on their website. You'll just need to do a lot of measuring of your hulls in order to use it!


Have fun!

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