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Call for volunteers


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At the general meeting a number of people expressed interest in getting more involved with the operations of the club, here's your chance. We have several committees that assist the board in the operations of the club. If you're interested in joining any of these committees just send me an e-mail, mikecrouse@yahoo.com

A number of people signed up at the general meeting, I already have your info so you don't have to contact me.

Here's the list of committees

Governance/Election Committee

This committee will reveiw the structure of NSPN, and research legal and practical alternatives (size of board, term limits, committee structures, executive positions, elections)as well as membership interest. The findings of this committee will be presented to the board to implement.

Web Site Committee

This group has an ongoing mission to work with club interests and board needs to manage and maintain the content and community of www.nspn.org.

Trip Leader Training Assessment Task Force

This is a task force to work with the Trip Leader Training Committee to assess and research the current Trip Leader Training program and suggest enhancements to the club/board.

Outreach Committee

The mission of this committee is public outreach: promoting kayaking, safe paddling, club/community involvement, and NSPN as a club.

Activities Committee

This committee will encourage and develop a schedule of club-sponsored events with input from the general membership and the Safety Committee.

Safety Committee Risk Assessment

This committee will research the liability and safety issues facing NSPN and recommend policy to the board.

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee manages and maintains the club's operating budget.

Trip Planning Committee

This committee assists in the planning of trips and works with NSPN trip leaders.

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>Perhaps it would be advisable to make a separate post here

>for each one, so people can reply easily. It might also be

>useful to list who already signed up for each one at the

>membership meeting.

Here's the list, some of the committees are already working, others are still being set up, it's not too late to join!

NSPN Committees

Governance/Election Committee

Keith Attenborough, Shane Smith, Buddy Hogan, Suzanne Prichett

Web Site Committee

Brian Nystrom, David Lewis, Richard Najarian, Bethany Ericson, Sean T Noonan

Trip Leader Training

Rick Stoehrer , Linda Shelburne Keith Attenborough

Brian Nystrom, Cathy Foley, Buddy Hogan, Dottie Hogan, Suzanne Pritchett


Brian Nystrom, Brenda Smith, Shane Smith, Dottie Hogan, Buddy Hogan, Liz Neumeier, Suzanne Prichett


Linda Shelburne, Kim Flint, Christopher Godfrey. Richard Najarian, Al Coons, Suzanne Pritchett

Liability/Safety Risk Assessment

Rick Stoehrer ,Marjorie Woodwell, Deborah Dempsey, Karen Gladstone, Buddy Hogan, Suzanne Pritchett, Dottie Hogan, Scott Camlin,

Finance Committee

Liz Neumeier, Sean Kimball

Trip Planning

David Lewis, Leslie Beale, Bob Lambert

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