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Rick Crangle's message. The basics!


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Author Rick Crangle

Date/Time 01-03-04, 09:01 AM (EDT)


I’ve been with this club since the turn of the century, sounds impressive doesn’t it, but it is a very brief time, just a trick of words, and NSPN has only just started. One thing is a fact in my life though, in addition everything I have with my wife and work, that I now have more friends than I ever thought I would. This loose cadre of ever growing friendships is now part of what defines who I am in a way I would not have predicted. You are part of my life and I don’t say that lightly. If you find something that is worthwhile in its simplicity, that enriches your life by just participating, can you deny it a place? I don’t mean kayaking, because I hope there is something that is more than this activity alone. I am talking about the interaction that is found between ourselves and our environment, oneself, the water beneath our boat, and the friend we choose to be there with. I will not deceive myself with any more importance given to this activity on the sea, it is not for defense of family and country, or food on the table, we are not obliged to be there. I will not give it less importance due to the people that I am fortunate to be there with. As much as I enjoy kayaking I can not share it, if I don’t have anyone to share with. I do kayak alone, and love it, yet, you can tell a story to someone who doesn’t speak your language and something is always lost no matter how you hard you try, or loud you talk. I like sharing what we do, even when there is nothing said, just being part is more than needs to be said.

That is my selfish reason for being as active as I can in this organization, it is for what I get out of the membership, in the true meaning of that word. There is always someone new to meet and always someone to learn from and with, and a common language, kayaking and the sea. So, keeping this group together, and growing, is important to my life, not the organization, the people. We are not a website, we are the people that give it meaning every post, and we are not a certified 501©)(3) non-profit status under section 170 of the internal revenue service code, we are friends paddling together on any Saturday you can remember or haven’t had yet. That is worth keeping alive, worth helping to grow, and worth participating in. I’m not going to tell you that I know how to address some of the conflicts that we have as a growing organization, but just remind you of what I think we have to win or lose. It is a new year, good time to work out our minor differences. This is not work, the only work is having fun. We need to loosen our grip a little, a light grasp of the paddle will get you a lot farther, on a long day on the water.

We require only one skill... that you come back, and charge one duty... that all come back.


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