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Castle Neck Circumnavigation 9/30

Kevin B (RPS Coach)

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Fifteen paddlers (Gilly, Suwin, Vadim, Rob, Doug, Judy, Tom, Karen, Nathalie, Gene, Brian, Kevin, John, Ernie, damn, third glass of wine and of course forgot one name...wooden boat, great guy...damn! :headBang: ) left Pavillion Beach on a beautiful Sunday morning and headed out to open ocean. With incoming current, the paddling was slow but steady. After ferrying across the channel, a few played in the rocks and others in the surf. Karen, Vadim, and John spent some time close to shore getting experience with waves coming in on the beam while others spent time getting used to the bumpy ride. Almost no wind, lots of water and lots of sandbars made for a perfect day. A quick lesson on traversing the surf zone and we were off playing. The sandbars provided some great surf for the paddle, culminating in a great zipper effect with spectacular clapotis. Suwin said it became flat when she followed me in, but I think she was just being humble ;) A few capsizes here in there and plenty of smiles made for a great day. The current out of Pavillion was running higher than usual but generally expected. A leisurely lunch break on the inside of Cranes and a zippy paddle back (with the current) left everyone tired but fulfilled. Good paddling and great paddlers. For those who pushed themselves a little today, well done!

On a personal note, my favorite parts of the day were hearing Gilly's giggles of surprise every time an unexpected wave came by...big shocker , huh? :blush:

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Agreed it was an awesome day!! It was great to get out there and get some really nice conditions within the safe confines of Cranes Beach. It eggs you on to try a bit more when you know worst case scenario you capsize, don't roll up, and stand up instead and get back in your boat :) I will say the sandbars created some really cool conditions. I was surfing down one wave and another wave hit me from the side (probably one of the sources of the loud giggles Kevin referred to) :) Almost everyone I could see played in the waves. I missed the clapotis that apparently made Kevin's bow look like it was erupting from a geiser (okay a little exaggeration there) but he did an awesome recovery roll in the middle of a rescue in the surf. One minute I was watching him give instructions then he was over, back up, and still talking - I'm not sure he actually stopped giving orders under water :)

It was one of my favorite paddles from a standpoint of the group, conditions, length, and variety of scenery - I had a day that ranged from getting really sweet and touching words from Gene on marriage, to playing in waves, to paddling with a few new folks that I hadn't met before, to some choice jokes about a tootsie roll pop that Ernie gave me.

By the time we rounded the point of Cranes and landed for lunch I'll be honest that I was TIRED AND SORE. It's been a couple of weeks since I've done a decent paddle and it makes a big difference. The gin and wine have helped though :)

All in all it was a wonderful day with hugs and even a little man love (well okay not really maybe next time (I keep trying to get Rob and Kevin to hug in a friendly macho manley way but it's not working))

I hope to see you guys on the water again soon!

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Number 15 paddler was Ralph in another of his beautiful wooden kayaks!

Hmmm...It was kind of Moses-like how Kevin parted the waves in front of me. :notWorthy: Thanks to Kevin & Gillian for putting together another great trip. And for encouraging us to get right in there to play in the CRAZY wave conditions. It was a blast!!

Looking forward to the next one!


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Yesterday's paddle was splendid in more ways than one. First the weather was close to ideal. Warm waters and enough breeze in the air to cool the body wearing a drysuit. While the 5 mile slog around Castle neck against the incoming was tiring, the perfect combo of sandbars, water depth and surf made for a magical set of conditions for one looking for rough water exposure with easy exits. The combination of different skills and personalities all contributed to feelings of confidence and inspiration. While the recent trip to Rye Beach had that same supportive element, yesterday's conditions were more varied and challenging. I too was tired when we hit the beach for lunch and after resuming our traversal up the Castle River felt lactic acid soreness and burn for the first time in my paddling life. Playing in the soup can take a toll! Thanks to Kevin and Gillian for organizing another great paddle!

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Here are some pictures from our lunch. Why no other pictures? First part of the paddle I was a bit "busy", by lunch I was so tired I barely could stand, and by the end I was able to remember how to use my legs, but nothing else.


Seriously, had a great time. Learned a lot, had fun surfing waves that came from more than one direction. My favorite part was after about an hour and a quarter paddling to have Ernie tell us that we had paddled a whole 1.6 miles. Makes you realize the effect of 5-7 knot winds and the tidal current while your body is screaming "what??" and "damn GPS!"

The paddle back was so serene - and fast; the perfect antidote to the first part.


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