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Canon Elura 100 or ZR 800?

Adam Bolonsky

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Guest mike_crouse

The ZR800 looks pretty nice, 35x optical zoom is great, just shut the digital zoom off. The nice things about the camera are the price and the external mic input jack so you can use a lav mic or a shot gun mic. The bad thing is the lack of a headphone jack, so that when you're filming with a mic you can listen in and make sure that the mic hasn't come unplugged or that is not too hot and you're recording distorted audio. Check if you can change the tape while the camera is on a tripod, the early Sony cameras had the tape on the bottom, so it took over a minute to take the expletive deleted tripod & plate off to change the tape.]

We use Sony cameras where I work and we're all pretty unhappy with them, we'll probably be switching to Canon in a few years.

Avoid the hard drive cameras for now, they record in a format that no editing software (Premiere, Final Cut, I-Movie, Avid) will recognize. That may change soon but for now they're semi-useless.

Also check the availability of waterproof cases, Sony does make an affordable case the works 15ft underwater, I'm not sure if Canon does.

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I have the Cannon Elura mini DV. I have had good luck with it and really like the picture it provides. I am not a techie but when I read very technical assessments of similar cameras, the Elura had better low-light filming and was better to adjust manually, if that is your thing. The techies said that it was the best buy for price, etc. and if you were going to get higher quality, the next step is a major leap in price. The strap and feel wasn't as comfortable as the Sony Handycams, but the performance was better and it does have an external mic jack. In some of the reviews there were complaints about motor noise, but I found it was no different than any of the other cameras. Another plus is the zoom and the widescreen - it is true widescreen... it doesn't just crop off the top and bottom of an image. I bought it last December from the online vendor 6th avenue electronics. It was around $100 cheaper (about $268 at the time??) than in any store and/or other online venue. I also really like the miniDV tapes, etc. They are cheap, easy and compact. A lot more bang for your buck in a camera to use this type of recording media.

Hope this helps.


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