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You Might Be a Sea Kayaker If...


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A dress shirt and tie no longer bother you, because they're looser than a dry suit neck gasket.

You've stopped worrying at all about getting undressed in public.

You leave your glasses strap on at night.

Your dog loves to roll in your pile of paddling clothes.

Even in the dead of winter, you never actually lose the PFD tan lines...

Your boat is worth more than your car.

You paid more for a roof-rack for the boat than you spent for anniversary presents.

You choose a new car based on whether or not your rack system will fit it

You've never setup a tent when it's light out.

You freely discuss how much you and others weigh, and don't feel self-conscious about it (or about asking others how much they weigh).

You have friends (that you even may have known a while) that you don't recognize without their pfd, paddling jacket, and boat ensemble...

You bug out on your wife and kids to go paddling for the weekend because you are SURE your priorities are right.

Your wife says you love your boat and your boat'n buddies more than her, and she sounds just like your first wife...and your second

You tie down the boat better than you seat belt in the kids.

House guests ask you why you replaced your living room sofa with a sea kayak...

All career, personal and financial decisions are judged by the criteria of "How will this increase my paddling time?"

You measure major purchases relative to the cost of a new boat...('Hmmm, that new computer will cost me about 2 1/2 kayak units'

You always have sinus congestion on monday morning.

"Small craft advisories" make you praise the Ocean gods.

You find yourself humming Weather Channel tunes.

You can ID make and model on a car topped kayak at a quarter mile...

You have no trouble saying "Rotomolded Crosslink Polyethelyne" ten times fast.

"waterproof" means "a little damp" or "might-float".

You use a river trip to rinse seaweed, sand, and salt from your boat.

A little humor, courtesy of www.recreationalkayaker.com

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