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Car Wash Woes

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My car is an Audi Wagon with built-in roof rails and I've never had a problem taking my roof rack through any car wash, but today, for the first time I was asked to sign a waiver even though I'd gone through the same car wash a week ago without being asked to do so. I signed the waiver and went through with no problems. The attendant wasn't very pleasant and I'm not inclined to visit that car wash again.

Getting my rack on and off the car is a pain and I'd rather not have to deal with it.

I'm curious, is this common car wash practice? Have others with roof racks experienced having to sign waivers or having service refused?


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My experience has been exactly the same. Most places refuse to let me go through. The few that have also had waivers, but convinced me that almost for sure I would damage my car, so I never went through. I have a Subaru Outback with built-in rails but have added Yakima bars and kayak saddles. Even removing the Yakima bars and saddles, I still get refused. I've given up..I wash it by hand.

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I took my Passat wagon with racks and saddles through a "soft cloth" wash last weekend without any hassle. Maybe it's the car washes with the big brushes that are a problem? I did notice that the racks and saddles prevented the roof from getting entirely cleaned, but she sure looked better after getting most of the salt encrustation off!

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