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Rolling instruction -- Tues Aug 28 at Mystic Practice, 5:30


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NSPN will offer rolling instruction by several member/coaches at the regular Mystic Lake Practice Session, next Tuesday, 8/28, hitting the water at 5:30 PM.

Students may be at any stage of rolling from beginner looking to get a first roll to experienced roller needing a tune-up or advice on improving.

Because rolling instruction is fairly intensive 1-1 work, there are a limited number of slots. Please sign up by e-mail (djlewis at triadic doc com) with the usual information -- name, NSPN/ACA number, emergency contact, boat description, your contact phone number.

This is free to members, and non-members may enroll for the usual $10 day membership charge. Members will get preference, however, if there are more applicants than slots.

And, if you do sign up and get a slot, please consider this a commitment to show up on time or cancel well in advance if you cannot make it (last-minute emergencies excepted, of course, but please still cancel as soon as it happens). We are not charging members for this instruction, but if you take a slot and don't show up, you will deprive someone else of the opportunity.

Thanks. --David.

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Also, when you sign up by e-mail, please indicate your current level of rolling and kayak experience and aspirations for this class. Here are some examples... fill in with your own situation...

* utter novice at kayaking (that will be a challenge :) )

* some kayaking work, but no rolling work yet

* took x classes and/or attending Mystic/Salem/Chebacco/Other sessions regularly/sporadically

* worked/working on hip-snaps but not rolling

* working on a roll but not successful yet

* got my first few rolls so far

* 80% (or whatever %) roller

* good roller needing to tune it or work on combat rolling

* ready to try offside roll

* ready to try strait-jacket roll (just kidding :P )

* etc etc etc

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