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Okay, so in this episode of Trading Spaces, my new neighbors, a large flock of starlings, have enthusiastically redecorated my kayaks with some very creative and abundant yellowish-green splotches. The camera crew is gone, and though I appreciate the effort they've gone to, I want to return to my original color of boats. I seem to remember one of them was blue and one was white, but it's hard to tell.

Is there a quick solution to cleaning them? Like a solution that will dissolve the splotches easily so I'm outside in the cold with minimal splashing water and aggravated scrubbing?


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Maybe simple green diluted then sloshed on the boat(s?) on monday if possible (above freezing) then left there for a bit use some waterproof gloves to keep the hands cozy. If that does not work wekk formula fo9 is a killer but nasty stuff. whatever you use, rinse well, maybe hit them again with 303 for UV protection. Boats should be covered to prevent UV exposure if at all possible. Congrats on the book as well. From your brother, (not meaning to slander your family of anything like that!).

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