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Need advice for "trigger finger"

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Nothing to do with firearms. For the second year after a spring to fall season of kayaking about 6hrs per week, I developed "trigger finger" in my right thumb. It's an inflammation of a tendon, which causes the joint to lock up. Last year two cortisone shots resolved it and I'm soon heading back to the Ortho for probably more of the same. Has anyone heard of this happening? If so, any knowledge of how to avoid it?

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First off a disclaimer I'm not a doctor or even a very good paddler, I'm a complete hack, but here goes...

Since it's just in the right hand and I'm assuming you paddle feathered it might be something a simple as gripping the paddle shaft too tightly, or the paddle shaft might be too large or small for you.

Have you tried using a different paddle? Wearing a pair of gloves? Switching to unfeathered?

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Thanks Michael. I do paddle feathered. Tried switching, but of course it felt awkward, so I would need to give it more time. Both years, the last paddling I did was against strong wind, so I would think feathered would be better in that case. You may be onto something with the grip. I'm sure I was gripping tightly on those days. However, if that were the entire problem I would think it would be a common problem for many paddlers after paddling in windy conditions. I guess I'll try a different paddle, but the condition seems to take so long to develop that it will be next fall before I know whether it helped.

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