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Great Start For Pool Sessions!

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We had eight participants last night. As of yesterday AM, There was one spotter that I was aware of -- me! By the afternoon, Liz called making her the second spotter. By pool time, Dan & Linda L., Rick S. Jill A. and Michael C. all showed up to help. What a difference that made!

With all those experienced folks, saw some folks learning to scull pretty well. Chris C. got to sculling on his own. Suzanne P. found a pretty consistent roll. More important, she had the calm mindset to scull to the surface for some breaths and rest when she blew a roll, and then attempted more rolls until she was upright again. My (ww/surf) buddy, Sean K, got me green with envy. He got his handroll and then went quickly to the offside. By the end of the night, he had two consistent handroll variations on both sides. Other folks were also making great progress in whatever they were working on.

Lots of volunteers, concrete progress and new skills for participants. How cool is that!? If not cool enough, following the session, most of us headed out into the freezing cold for some nice hot (and spicey) Vietnamese food at a local restaurant. :)

A pretty darn good evening, considering that there was supposedly an "important" game being played somewhere! Get pumped, folks! Lots of pool sessions to come in three different locations. Join in --whether as a participant and/or volunteer spotter. Guaranteed to be a fun nite out.


PS. Forgot to mention -- may be helpful for participants to let the respective pool coordinators know what boats they're bringing. Last year, we kept the Chinatown Pool sessions to 8 boats. Last night, however, we could have probably fit another boat or two. Several folks were practicing with ww boats, freeing up more space.

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Special congrats to those who made breakthroughs last night. And a huge thanks to Sing for getting us that wonderful pool! What a nice facility and a terrific PPO environment in Chinatown. A great way to get us through the long cold winter months.


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For those of you new to kayaking who read this, don't think pool sessions are just for those working on cool stuff like hand rolls.

Never done a wet exit or paddle float self rescue? Nervous about it? A pool session is the perfect place. Warm water and lots of helpers.

Want to learn a draw stroke or low brace? Ditto.

Liz N.

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Forget the hand rolls. Go for the Spring Rolls. :)

Being new to NSPN and attending my first pool session, I was very impressed with the quality of instruction available and the willingness of folks like Mike and Rick and the others to give their time on a Saturday night to stand around in a pool for a couple hours getting bonked in the head by paddles and boats, chlorine splashed in their eyes by errant paddle strokes, and all the other "fun". As a newcomer I felt very welcome and well cared for. I never asked anyone for help - they just started helping before I could even ask! With these kinds of great sessions available, and at such a reasonable cost, I'm feeling really good about my goal of getting a roll down by Spring. Thanks!

Mark Stephens

Hanson, MA

Surge, Usually Upside Down

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