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Like many of you, I received the invitation to register for the Run of the Charles on April 25th. This spurred my interest in looking for a new boat. My Ellesmere is a great boat, but a bit wide for a racer.

During the racing clinic last year we were introduced to many radical boats that were very race-specific. As an alternative, can anyone recommend a second boat that could still be used for a touring boat when a second is needed? Andrew and Alex use the Seda Glider (I think), and these seem like a good compromise, but I'm wondering if there are others.

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When I was going through exactly the same search, several people referred me to this site:


Check out the chart that follows their description of classes. The way they categorize the different boats is very helpful.

I bought a KajakSport Viviane: not the fastest in its class (Glider, Epic Endurance, etc.) but it is supposed to be better in conditions, and it is much nicer on the eyes. (I'm such a slave to fashion.)

BTW, my Viviane came with a skeg and I will adding a rudder at Brian's workshop on Saturday. I thought it would be a simple way to deal with the skeg v. rudder issue: get both. :-))

Liz N.

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If I were looking for a new FSK, I'd get a new all carbon Glider that seem to be on sale at NESC, and be ready to go next weekend for the Liz N. paddle. I enjoy paddling mine in the ocean for training, its a good boat. I put a Smart Track set-up on it.

Look at the results of the Blackburn http://www.blackburnchallenge.com

Pick any boat in the top 10, be aware of the USCA 18' limit for inland flat water races governed by USCA if that's ever of interest to you.

The fastest 18' sea kayaks useful as everyday touring boats are the

1. Epic 18

2. QCC 700

Look at the results of the Blackburn http://www.blackburnchallenge.com

1. Glider

2. Looksha II or III (all carbon, but $$$)

3. Viviane

4. Epic 18

5. QCC 700 (can be custom made racing set up)

6. WestSide EFT (good luck finding or getting him to make one!)

Doug Bushnell, near Buffalo, NY is WestSide Boat Shop and he makes the Thunderbolt., and the Extra Fast Tour above.

7. CLC Pax 18' or 20'

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