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Spotters For Pool Sessions

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are always needed and welcomed. Since most of the pool sessions are set us as informal practices, it's crucial to have more experienced paddlers willing to attend, spot and coach.

Contact the respective coordinators if you're willing to spot. It's nice to know the people available to help. Spotters don't pay to attend sessions. Instead, they get "paid" with the satisfaction of knowing they have helped someone develop or refine a new skill. :)


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Spotting can range from out right instruction to simply pulling someone up when them miss a roll or push thier sculling past it's limit. If you want to try spotting and you're not sure about it just come to a pool session, sit on the side lines, and watch someone else do it. That way you'll get a better feel for what spotters do. Those of us who have spotted can show you the easy way to pull someone back up without hurting your back, if I can be pulled up easily than anyone can.

The rewards of spotting you ask? Besides the Post Pool Pig Outs you get a warm fuzzy feeling whenever someone learns something new. It may sound silly but there's nothing like watching someone roll up for the first time. They usually smile in disbelief then ask "Did you help? Are you sure you didn't touch my boat?"

Pool sessions are happening in Chinatown, Danvers, and Reading. Reading is a new spot for us this year. Yes it's a bit more $ but that's because the pool rental costs us more $. For the extra $ you get easy parking, easy boat loading, and a new(er) pool.

See you all at a pool soon.

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