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Danvers Pool 7:30-9:30 p.m. Feb 15- available


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Danvers pool sessions- Next Session is February 15.


Sunday Evenings: 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. (TIME AMENDED) We can not arrive a minute earlier than 7:15 due to prior groups departure time. It is OK to arrive and park across the street and carry gear over. No cars with kayaks on top in parking lot prior to 7:30!

Registrar: Suzanne Pritchett email: suzanne.pritchett@comcast.net

Dates: Jan.18, Feb 15, Mar 21, April 11

Price: $15 members; $20 non-members (per session)

Are you ready to practice your roll? Do you want to perfect your re-entry technique? Are you afraid that time spent without practicing a high-brace will leave you high and wet? Or do you just miss being in you boat?

All of our pool sessions this year will be the “Open Practice” format where you can learn from your peers.

Things that you can practice in a pool include skills, techniques and strokes that do not need an expanse of water, such as:

* Wet exits

* Rescues, assisted and unassisted.

* Equipment testing, exploration, shakedown, usage or just getting comfortable, for example,

using a paddle float for rescues.

* Strokes not needing an expanse of water, such as draw and pry.

* Rolling, bracing, balance bracing, sculling, etc.

Equipment for pool sessions, includes your kayak:

* PFD -- required for anyone in a boat in a pool session.

* Spray skirt -- required for the vast majority of skills to be practiced

* Paddle float – optional, for rescue practice, rolling practice, etc.

* Pump – optional for practice involving capsized or swamped boats

* Goggles or a face mask -- highly recommended for practice that involves immersion, since

chlorinated pools can be hard on the eyes.

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