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RI Paddle Surf Event

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I’d like to pass on some information on an upcoming kayak surfing event. Rhode Island Surf Kayaking is holding an “Winter Session” towards the end of January – beginning of February. This isn’t a contest or competition, it’s more of an event where kayak surfers can get together and share techniques, tips and time on the water.

As it stands now there will be demo surf boats from Mega and PS composites available at the event. There are also plans for a cookout and prizes for no particular reason.

The open format of the session lends itself to more of a Show&Go then a planned event. There is a schedule of 6 possible weekends for the event to take place. As each week comes the forecasts for the next weekend are viewed and a decision is made whether to go or not. By Thursday you’ll know if it is a go for that Saturday and where it will be.

More information is available at this link http://www.pioneerpictures.com/surf/RISK/


Let me know if you want to head down together.

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Looking forward to this event. Promise of exciting time, new acquaintances, opportunities to try new equipment and surf spots.

Bring your drysuit, helmet and a roll. The water will be warmer in RI but not by much... :)


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More sponsors have gotten involved with the event. Chris and Alex would never post it here but New England Small Craft donated a Necky Zip to be raffled off at lunch time to one of the lucky participants. With 65 registrants so far and some likely not showing for whatever reasons, those are darn good odds for winning a good white water boat that also surfs pretty well.

Don't let the cold scare you. Figure RI beaches are south facing. For the surf to show, it'll likely come up from the south. That means warmer temps, probably balmy in comparison to recent temps. ;)


PS. If you're smaller paddler -- say 5'7" and 165 lbs and under -- have a drysuit and a roll and want to borrow a boat, my Riot trickster with fins is available. I'll be using a Riot Boogie and hopefully trying the different demo boats available.

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