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BCU 2/3 Star Class


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Six of us has the pleasure of working with instructor Jed Luby at Chebacco Lake on Saturday. Jed was assisted by NSPN's own, Bill Gwynn, himself a BCU Coach 2.

We started the day with an onshore discussion of what each student wanted to get out of taking the class. That set the direction and tone for the remainder of the day, which was totally focused on strokes, stroke refinement, and paddling efficiency.

As advertised, Jed and Bill provided an incedible amount of personal attention to each student. This was not a "one size fits all" kind of class. Both instructors worked to help each student improve their paddling skills, but tailored the instruction to fit the student's body type, physical condition and ability. Although BCU methodolgy was introduced, the instructors did not take a dogmatic approach to it. This class was truly coaching at its best.

I would venture to say that all six paddlers felt this was a very worthwhile day on the water. They worked us hard; tested out comfort zones, broke down myths and mental barriers, all while maintaining a very fun atmosphere. Each of left the class with multitude of new knowledge and the basic building blocks to become more efficient paddlers.

Many thanks to Jed, Bill and NSPN for putting this on.

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