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Portsmouth 3/25


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A coupe of inches of fresh snow does not equal thermonuclear war so it was off to Portsmouth this morning. Turned out to be an utterly delightful day with fine weather, benign seas, and enjoyable companions. Six of the usual suspects including a new face launched from Pierce I. and benefiting from Gerry's local knowledge found ourselves easily meandering down the river at around 5+ Kts. With seas welcoming, we cruised out past Wood and Whaleback where seals were hauled out. After a brief snack and comfort stop on White, it was back to Jaffrey Point, then along Odiorne to dabble about rocks and ride the small swells before heading back by way of Little Harbor riding the flood back to Pierce.

As pleasant as the day was on the water, the relaxing snacks and good conversation on multiple topics at Gerry's house were equally so.

A good day on the water with fine companions all.

Its true the water is cold so some modicum of caution wise, but a great time of year to be out on the ocean nevertheless.

Ed Lawson

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glad to hear the ice is off the rivers down south---still have a lot on the Penobscot---but am hopeful this week will see the big jam below the old Bangor dam break free.

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