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Today's Globe had a picture of

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a kayaker in a Tshirt, with a dog, and maybe without a PFD (can't quite tell) paddling in Gloucester. I was amazed to see this so soon after the tragic deaths of the under-dressed kayakers on the Cape this fall. I wonder if nspn (our illustrious president?) should write a letter to the Globe about the dangers of warm air/cold water paddling? This type of picture seems to promote very poor cold water judgement.


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Jim B

Thought for the day: Never be afraid to try something

new. Remember that amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built the


P & H Orion

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Saw the same picture and had the same reaction. I think she has a PFD on, but I handed the paper to Beth when I saw it and said "What's wrong with this picture?" I'm sure the paddler thought that the marshes behind Good Harbor Beach are totally harmless; these waters are in no way comparable to the waters off the Cape, but the message comes across to the public anyway.

I think a letter is in order as is some more systematic educational effort.


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Thanks for clarifying where she was--at least she wasn't at risk of drifting out to sea.

My cold water bible, "Essentials of Sea Survival," lists median unclothed survival time in 41 degree water at 30 minutes. And that's ignoring the risks of "gasp reflex" hyperventilation, sudden cardiac death on contact with cold water, and "swim failure" due to loss of peripheral muscle strength and nerve conduction. Had she capsized, she could well have died. The authors say there have been numerous cases of people unable to swim 6-10 feet, even to save their lives.


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