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Thanks to All


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I was thinking back about the past year as I get ready to go to my parents house in PA for the Holidays.

One of the very first things that came to mind was how receptive, helpful, and fun all of you made this new member's initial dunkings into New England kayaking. Thank you all for making everyone feel welcome and safe. Thank you all for sharing your time and energy. Thank you all for being so open in discussing mistakes and confusions, successes and small victories. Thank you all for creating something that is rare in this day and age -- a truly diverse group of people with different talents, interests, backgrounds that can work and play together and have fun.


red/white (the majority of the time)

white/red (after errors)

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I was going to write a holiday greeting and thank the gang for all that they do, but since you said it so well, I'll keep my trap shut.

There's no place like NSPN!

A safe and happy holiday season to all.

Love to all, B

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Amen to that!

Even during my very occasional outbreaks of eloquence,

I couldn't have said it better. Thanks to all for a great

year, great fellowship, friendship, patience and mentoring.

I have never before known such a welcoming group of folks!

Michele and I look forward to becoming better paddlers, and

with your continued indulgence, better NSPN'ers.

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.

And again, Thanks to all.

Mike and Michele Kulick.

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