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Another Day, Another Lesson


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The day was too nice to stay in office and I needed a mild day to spend time in the Anas trying to get my head in snyc with it. So off to Kittery and on the water by 3PM. Loop around Gerrish seemed suited to putting me and the Anas through a variety of stuff. And so it did, baby step surfing and modest swells and confused shoreline water. What a nice day with sun, gentle wind, several herons, loons singing, a few geese and ducks. Two hours later back to the car and I think the Anas and I are getting closer. I believe it understands that I know its a better boat than I'm a paddler and I am trying not to embarass it. I hope it will not get indignant with my inabilities and embarass me. So far giving it equal measures of euro and GP seems to please it. If ever there was a boat for a deft and precise hand, the Anas must be it. I feel all thumbs most of the time.

Everytime the paddle gets wet there is a lesson learned. Today is was paddling along the shore into the glare of a low sun with swells from your rear quarter can be tricky. Hard to see where they are breaking and where they are standing up before you are where they do. Puts one in a focused frame of mind. Fortunately, the Anas seemed to love the occasional surprise.

Ed lawson

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