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Surfing Nahant!


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Well we only had about 1 ft. swells, maybe 2 but the wind was kicking and we had a blast!!!! We had a big group of people show up ranging from first season paddlers to much more experienced! i would like to say that ALL OF US totally wiped out at least once - it was fabulous and i always gloat a little when i see kevin come out of his boat 'cause he so damn good :) But there's another thread on the board where you guys make a great point in that if you don't go over or come out of your boat ever you may not be pushing the limits of what you can do. Yesterday we were in a fairly safe area, right off shore, so it was fun to get dumped. Over, and over, and over again :) Brian did great and caught some waves backwards, Joe is just a kayaking natural, Brad said he was going to go watch TV, Rob caught some great waves, and Kevin rocked as usual. Ernie and Chris, I think I was flipped upside down too much to remember your moves out there . . . did I forget someone???

Kevin and I took our surf boats and the rest of the group had the long ones out. Okay those boats are so much fun but extremely different to handle and the damn things fill with water really quickly. I spent a lot of time on shore emptying mine :) We spent the day riding the waves and doing a lot of boat emptying. No one really did any T rescues since when you dumped all you had to do was stand up :)

There was a lot of laughter and whoppee's which is always a good sign for a show n go . . . getting the short boat on a wave is easier and harder in some ways - the bow just sinks and I learned the trick is to lean back getting on the wave (or you wipe out A LOT) and then to lean forward once you're on. Also, I was too lazy to put on the new short surfing shaft I bought which was silly - a 210 cm is way too long for that little boat.

Afterwards we all went out to Salem Beer Works and had many inappropriate conversations and jokes (last I heard Joe and Brian are going on a date which I'm somehow paying for) another sure sign of a great SNG. Kev, thanks for planning!!!

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>oh no, that's just how i normally am :)


>by the way i don't know about you guys but i am SORE today.

I don't know what you're complaining about, I feel perfectly fine. ;-)

>i would like to say that ALL OF US totally wiped out at least once

Speak for yourself, I didn't go under once (evil laughter).

Of course... I might be leaving a little tidbit of information out (please, do not look directly at me, my halo might blind you).

BTW... on the way back to Salem did anyone catch a glimpse of that magnificent rainbow as well that old plane flying by?

Cheers, Joe

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Gillian, repeat after me, "Ibuprofen is my FRIEND!"

For the record, I came out of my boat twice in water so shallow that I found myself wedged under one side of the boat with the paddle on the other side, got lost in downtown Lynn for a half-hour on the way to the beach, and had a great day!

Thanks, Suz, for the wetsands link. You correctly predicted the absence of big surf. We had fun anyway. And now I know where Nahant is!


Explorer - off-white

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Generally a fun time, even that wind. I have to say that even though I was quite biased towards the short boat, and the waves weren't really great for those boats that day, they are a lot of fun. Only my second time in a shortie, and this one much less stable than the first one I tried, but can they moved. On a couple of rides, I managed to surf in front of the wave, spin around and then continue surfing...what a blast;)

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