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Pavillion Beach/Sand Blast


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Summary of the day:

Met at Pavillion around 9 and on the water @ 9:30ish. The group included Janis, Al, Les, Kate, and Josh. Josh is not a member but just happened to hook up with us.

We paddled up Fox Creek,, plenty of water,,out into the basin behind Cranes. Scenery was spectacular as usual. Many boats were anchored near the beach. Stopped for a short snack break at the mouth of the Essex. Couple of guys were playing sand golf. We were within their range, so to avoid any injuries to oursleves or our boats, we hopped back in the kayaks, paddled out in front of Cranes. Conditions were great, some small folllowing waves and wind at our back,,we flew. Stopped and strolled the beach viewing various sand sculptures. Most creations revolved around the "big dig",, (no pun intended),,but I enjoyed the Stooges and gopher artwork!

It was a beautiful day,, perfect temperature,,great company,,

There was talk of making this an annual trip event,,,,maybe,, we could even build a sand kayak for the competition?!?,,,,,,nah,,,,,let's not go OVERBOARD! (corny pun intended)


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