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Buddy and Dottie Hogan-Volunteers Extraordina

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Outdoor Explorationsis an organization which helps provide outdoor adventures,such as kayaking,backpacking,camping etc.for people with disabilities.

Here's what the OE folks had to say:

"Buddie and Dottie Hogan-Team Player Award,given to volunteers whe help OE in many ways.Buddy and Dottie have taken OE's kayak programs to the next level,and helped OE develop a strong relationship with NSPN. In 2003,Buddy(an ACA and BCU kayak instructor) and Dottie(an accomplished kayaker)volunteered on nearly every OE kayak program,and participated in OE's ACA adaptive Paddling Instructor Training. In addition,they donated resouces,expertise,and time to refurbish the aging OE kayak trailer. Buddie and Dottie thank you for being part of the OE Team!"

Buddie and Dottie-an awesome team we can be proud of-Congratulations!

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Buddy and Dottie Hogan are two of the nicest, friendliest and fun people I have ever met--it is nice to see other people acknoweldge their merit as well--


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Thank you Dan for your very kind words and you also Leslie. You're quite the sweetheart yourself.

Buddy and I should really be thanking OE for their work, for their extraordinary organization and for the privilege of working with their clients. I would encourage any and all of you to volunteer on any level with them. (We'll be snow-shoeing next!) When you realize that 20% of the population has many levels of disability, it really means that most of us will have been touched by it. My personal motivation was my brother's life-changing paralytic injury and desperate need to find outdoor recreational opportunities for him. I can tell you that working with OE has been one of the most gratifying experiences of my life and I think I can speak for Buddy on that too.

Happy Holidays and thanks again!


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Buddy and Dottie you deserve this fine recognition. As you know helping OE is a work of Love.

Jim B

Thought for the day: Never be afraid to try something

new. Remember that amateurs built the Ark. Professionals built the


P & H Orion

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