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Rough Water Workshop 3 - In Lanes Cove


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That's right. IN, not at, Lanes Cove.

I could not resist a stroll down to Lanes Cove at high tide this morning. Neither could a lot of my neighbors. Everyone with a dog was out. (Frank stayed home.)

For today's workshop we would have:

1) practiced surf launches from the put in at the head of the cove,

2) had plenty of wind and waves to practice skills in right in the middle of the cove,

3) been able to get blown/washed onto the rocks without ever leaving the cove,

And, for the more advanced paddlers

4) just try to leave the cove.*

As for that cozy lunch beach along the breakwater: the ocean was pouring through the granite and anyone sitting inside would have gotten a saltwater spray shower with every wave. Of course, this storm is nothing compared to 1978, which took out the Lanes Cove breakwater.

* This activity would likely have been followed by a boat repair workshop.

Liz N.

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Instead of PFDs I just pictured everyone wearing those giant, protective, inflatable sumo wrestling suits that are rented for parties, lol


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The NOAA Buoy reports have some anomolies throughout the storm: the wave height was reported at 20-30+ one hour, only a foot or two the next, and then back to gigantic wave heights. Any ideas why? With a storm center this big, I can't believe it's real data. Maybe the buoys cannot report accurately in such big waves?

Also, last night you could see huge differences in wind and wave heights just 50-100 miles north: when it was 34 feet waves at the Mass Bay buoy, it was only a couple of feet at the Portland, ME buoy.

See http://www.gomoos.org/buoy/buoy_data.shtml for details. They have a great history page with hourly data going back as far as you want for wind speed, wave height, wave period, temps (air and water), etc.


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Alex and I drove to York's Nubble lighthouse yesterday and watched 20-25ft waves smashing in to and over the rocks there. I took some video and stills, but holding the camera steady in the wind was tough.

Long sands had some excellent surf, but no one was on it, weird uh?

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