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Alive and Well!


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Hi NSPN members!

Lest anyone forget me, I'm still alive after having moved to Colorado this year. I've been paddling - some, just not too much here. Since leaving Boston in April, I've been to the central coast of British Columbia with Bob Baldridge and just finished a month in Baja with NOLS on a stretch of coast I haven't paddled before - Los Angeles Bay to the town of Santa Rosalia, about 180 miles of a fantastic coastline.

I was out today on the reservoir that's about 5 miles from my house on a beautiful sunny warm Saturdy (I know, you guys just got slammed with snow - our turn is coming). I thought I was the only human powered craft out, but as I paddled by a beach I saw several long skinny..., yeah they were sea kayaks and jumped out of my boat to meet the folks. Turns out they were a small group from the local paddling club including the president and the web page manager - who (after I introduced myself) asked if I knew Brian Nystrom. The boat he had just put on his car he had purchased from Brian a couple of weeks ago - what too many boats Brian? Had to get rid of one?

It's a small world. These people are well aware of you people from the power of the great NSPN web site (and by the way, it's looking even better now - congratulations!)

So, I finally have hooked up with a few strong locals. They say their club has about 150 official members, but about 20-30 who paddle regularly. Hopefully as we get into spring, I can get together with them. I need some paddling friends out here!

So happy holidays from the Rocky Mountain branch of the club. I periodically check into the message page just to see what's going on back there and what people are into. It's good to see so many you doing so much.

Roger Voeller

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Hey Rog,

Maybe we should formally petition for Rocky Mountain and Northwest branches. I'm sure you've built enough boats for guests by now.

We just have to get a branch on the Lakes and members can spend their summers traveling between branches.

It's pretty wild that NSPN is known far and wide. Not something we thought about when we formed the club.

For those of you that don't know Roger, he is one of the founding fathers of NSPN.


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merry christmas!

glad you found some folks to paddle with!

roger led a trip up the maine coast with jonathan, bob b and myself and is one of the folks who have seen me pay dearly for making a less than prudent surf decision....i'll get the hang of that yet!

glad you are well and happy new year!

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Bob - as far as building boats, I was considering building a double before we moved here. Now we have much less of an immediate need, but I almost feel the need for one just to have a project. For a change, in the new house, I've got plenty of room to store boats - just less of a need for the boats. I've got three sea kayaks and a canoe if anyone is coming to the mountains and wants to paddle.

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