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Labor Day - Essex River


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On Monday, a small band of 5 paddlers put into the warm, shallow water off Conomo Point for some strokes and braces practice. We worked on low brace, high brace, low brace turns, extended paddle turns and gained numerous other tips from our instructor for the day. It was a perfect day - hot sun, cool breeze, warm water and great people enjoying themselves. After practicing for a couple of hours, we hit the beach to soak up some sun and nourish ourselves.

We then decided that a trip out to Cranes Beach would be fun. Our group shrunk to 4 as one paddler headed home to tend to her other life. The rest of us set off to find some current and swells to try our hands at. At the mouth of the river, the current and wind provided us with some bumps so we could get a feel for it. It was so much fun, we decided to head out to the front side of Cranes where there were actual waves (not big, but waves none the less). We Paddled out through them, experiencing the cool splash over our decks, trying our best to remember our lessons of the morning. Some of us were able to catch a ride or two and others got a salt water nasal wash. I was able to stay in my boat after capsizing and complete a bow rescue for the first time in real conditions! We were wet and tired so we hit the beach to warm up and rest before our trip back to Conomo.

On the return trip, the wind was at our backs and the tide was almost low. The sky was blue and there were birds every where! The islands and sand bars were full of birds coming and going. We watched a flock of birds diving for fish. On one sand bar we saw a couple of strange creatures described to me as homo-clam-diggerants (sp?). Anyway, it was a slow, relaxing paddle while we took the time to enjoy the beauty of the marshes.

A good time was had by all. Thanks, Christopher, Judy, Joan and Anne for coming out to play!

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