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13, 14 trip


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Just a quick trip report from the kayak camping trip this last weekend. Our fearless leaders Mike W. and Mike C. started us on a two day tour while launching from the Northern estate of Mike Williams, House 281 , no house as of yet but a very nice driveway and a launching point. The 6 of us headed out on a short little pebble down the bay to the “Basin” and surprisingly enough to Basin Island our camp site for the night. While on the way Mike Crouse made a short little sprint (Yellow/orange line on map) to tell another group that we would be staying on the island also. His sprint saved them a lot of paddling because he was nice enough to inform them that they had missed the opening to the basin and where headed for the ocean. The other group thanked us for the info and repaid us by being load late into the night or so I was told. My ear plugs stopped all noise through the night including the load snoring from both the tents near mine. After we set up the camp we relaxed in the hot tub that Mike was kind enough to call ahead and reserve for us (a large rock that was just being covered by the incoming tide). We then explored the basin making two small side trips to find out that one should not always trust maps the small river heading inland off the basin to a road does not exist at almost high tide. We then settled in for an evening of food and talk, Mike C and I agree that a person could go on one of these trips and bring no food of their own and still eat very well.

The second day was a perfect day to be on the water. We had showers in the morning while breaking down camp but they passed thru quickly and left us with a mirror flat water to paddle on. We paddled up the bay to Indian head point for a quick snack and them over to the famous Gurnet strait to look at it and then back to the put-in to pack up and fight the traffic home. On the paddle back I explored the possibility of a “short cut across the mud flats, a hour after low tide and the seagulls were swimming not walking why should a overloaded cappella not just glide over the incoming water and save the trip around the island to go around the flats. Well I’m here to tell you seagulls swim in less than 4 inches of water and a Cappella, especially with me in it, needs more than 4 inches of water to float. Another lesson learned with no real harm. The group by this point was used to waiting for me and my slowness to catch up with them. After the mud flat diversion we paddled around the island headed for home and were treated to many birds diving for fish and a free freshwater wash down of our gear and boats and the skies opened an large amounts of rain came down.

Speaking for myself, I had a very good time in good company and good food and good paddling. Thanks to all who made it possible.

The map insert shows the trip with red as the first day and blue as the second and the violet is a 1 mile scale line.


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Hi David,

I might be able to repeat this trip in September if my weekend work responsibilities lighten up. Unfortunately, the winds typically are higher during the fall making it more difficult to run a level two trip during that season. If not this fall, I will probably do the trip again next summer.

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I just realized this trip was your "Intro to kayak camping" trip. I actually have some experience on multi-night kayak trips but nothing the past couple of years. I was hoping to get a two or three night trip in this year before it gets too late. If you're interested maybe we can talk and start putting togather a trip plan for September. If your not interested maybe you still have some good ideas.\


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