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Tow Belt + Online Kayak Gear


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When I first joined the club I posted a question about tow belts, but I was too new to really digest the great answers. After a while I bought a Kokatat system which has the rope wrapped around a card. While it made sense at REI, it did not work so well in the water. Deployed without warning and takes too much focus to make sure you undo the loop correctly before you deploy it.

Can anyone point me towards the standard bag type tow belt? Manufacturer? Also, is there one or two online mail order houses that carry really complete selections of kayak gear?



boat/my head <- not a good position

Eddyline Nighthawk


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They make several suitable systems that you can see at:


I use a modified version of the Quick Release Rescue Tow. The Sea Kayak Tow line (waist model) is also popular. The 25' Quick Tow is another reasonable option.

Northwater gear is well constructed and reasonably priced. They're available at coastal EMS stores and probably at some of the local specialty dealers.

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Hi Al

Salamander Pro is a double ender - Short on the right and long on the left. I've had mine for 4 yrs and it's hasn't failed to deploy or fail me in any way. I did add small floats to the line to keep the Biners afloat, but no other mods. The con is that it doesn't reload quickly. I'm also carrying a WW pigtail on my vest these days in place of a short contact rig. That way I can release it quickly if needed. The other contact rig I couldn't.

Northwater makes a good rig also, but I prefer the Salamander until they make some mods to the Northwater systems.


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