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kayak outfitting workshop

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Special thanks to Brian, Richard, Rick, Dee, Peter and Jeff as well as others who participated in the outfitting workshop--now I have a place to put my pump, padding so I won't have bruises on my legs, custom-fitted rigging with new lines and beads, and a deck tow system--all in one day--not to mention the fine company and wealth of information/ideas I received on kayak maintenance--hand and power tools, supplies, space and kayak stands available on-site. What wasn't readily available was only a short walk to a marine store to purchase. I am so proud of my boat, it looks beautiful (at least to me)--so grateful to all who organized and participated and, to the club for this opportunity--les

ps--dee, i owe you money for the hardware--e-mail me at lbeale@spfldcol.edu with costs/address and I'll send you the money

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This was a fantastic workshop spearheaded by Brian "the man" who spent a great deal of time preparing for the event and masterfully guiding us through our individual projects. He also purchased a large amount of the "perfect foam" for us to use. And, with the help of Don Eva, transported a drill press, band saw, tools and equipment to the site.

Rick and Dee also added their expertise and were assisting us with our projects.

It was a display of true unselfish dedication!

They gave up a beautiful day of paddling to help us work on our boats.

Some of the projects completed were new rigging, custom fittings, pump holders, back supports, thigh padding, deck tows and padded foot rests.

All who participated ended the day with a feeling of great accomplishment and smiles from ear to ear.

Many thanks to Brian and his assistants for making the workshop a memorable NSPN experience.


Living to learn.

Romany White, Blue trim

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All I did was suck up knowledge and vapors. %-) Brian, Richard (who arranged for the space for free and helped in every way he could, Dee (who helped Brian move some very heavy stuff in addition to everything else she did), Don, Mr Crangle, Jeff, Liz and lots of others came and brought wisdom, beer, good spirits, will to clean up, and everything else that makes this club so great.

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I also want to express my appreciation (and admiration!) for

the effort and dedication put forth by Brian. Really great the way

Rick and Dee and all those knowledgeable of "what works" for rigging,

tows etc, helped us with our outfitting. Your selfless contributions

are a big part of what makes NSPN such a terrific organization, and

one I am so proud to be a part of. I can only hope to be as helpful

one day.

Thank you all so much!


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What else can I add but my sincere thanks for all those who organized the workshop. I think getting your boat fitted to you is vital to strong paddling performance and previously I had no idea where to start. If and when this opportunity comes around again, I strongly suggest people attend. Thanks so much Richard, Brian and Dee!

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